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Car battery - Recycle and Disposal

by Thebatteryplace on Mar 30, 2016 Automotive 650 Views

You know where to buy a car battery but do you know where and how to recycle and dispose an old battery? The best way to dispose your car battery is to give it for recycling. Most car workshops, scrap metal dealers and service stations accept used car batteries for recycling.  Why is it important to recycle car batteries?       1.Each car battery contains around 2 to 3 litres of sulfuric acid, a good amount of lead and lead compounds and plastic. All these products are toxic and are         considered to be hazardous waste.       2.90% of the car batteries whether a maintenance free battery or regular one, can be reconditioned or recycled into new products made from lead, sulphuric acid         and polypropylene.       3.The range of products in which recycled car batteries can be used include plant pots, laundry detergents and new batteries.       4.Recycling these batteries ...

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8 tips to select the right battery for your car

by Thebatteryplace on Mar 30, 2016 Automotive 614 Views

A car battery helps to power your car's engine and provides charge for all the electrical and electronic accessories in it. If your engine takes a longer time to crank and start you need to visit a garage for “load test” of your battery. Load test helps you identify whether your battery is holding a charge or not. If it’s weakening, it’s time to get a new battery. Once you have decided where to buy a car battery from, it’s time to select the right one for your car. Whether you buy a maintenance free battery or a regular one, you need to consider size, cold-cranking amps, reserve capacity and many other things to buy the most suitable battery for your car. Here’s what you should consider when buying a new battery: 1.Technology    a.Different vehicles have different driving styles and varying demands. It’s important to determine which battery is suitable for those demands - whether it’s a     conventional battery ...

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How to jump-start a battery

by Thebatteryplace on Mar 30, 2016 Automotive 606 Views

If your battery is almost dead and you have no idea of where to buy a car battery, what will you do? Aha! Here’s where your skills of jump-starting the battery will come in handy. Though it’s never a sure shot way of starting your car but it’s always worth the try. Whether your car has a regular or a maintenance free battery, the jump-start process can always give you some buffer time to get a new battery. Let’s cover the process of how to safely jump-start a battery: 1. First of all make sure the problem is with the battery. a. Are the car headlights dim? Dim headlights indicate a dead battery. If they are bright, it’s probably another issue. b. Check accessories and dashboard lights. In most cases, the dashboard lights and accessories flicker even with a low battery. If they don’t, you may have a problem with the ignition switch. c. Does your car click slowly when you try to start? If it clicks slowly or not at all, it’s a dead battery. 2. ...

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Giuseppe Zannotti Sale,Giuseppe Zannotti Shoes Clearance

by Raquel Taylor on Jan 10, 2017 Automotive 291 Views

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Why Preventive Maintenance Is Necessary For Limo Fleet

by LimoBusTruckFleet on May 18, 2017 Automotive 129 Views

Today, having a limousine is not only for purposes of making a statement but also it put a special touch on occasions like corporate promotions, weddings, proms, bachelor parties, birthday events, city tours, shopping, clubbing and bar-hopping, and even  funerals. Limousines are truly expensive vehicles. The number one priority should be given to maintaining its condition and durability. Keeping these vehicles in constant shape is the major challenge for limo owners. Because it’s repair is highly expensive. That's why preventive maintenance is the key factor to avoid such costly Coach Bus Repair.   According to expert’s opinion, one of the best methods to keep your limousine fleet in constant tip-top shape is to keenly follow the respective limo manufacturer's maintenance schedule which includes an oil change and complete inspection of the vehicle every week. Inspecting the limo includes removing the wheels, checking the brakes, and a complete exhaust ...

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Tips for Fleet vehicle maintenance

by LimoBusTruckFleet on May 23, 2017 Automotive 150 Views

Regular Fleet vehicle maintenance is a key factor to run successful transport business. Maintained trucks always boost the performance of the engine and lower the risks of machinery breakdown. At Limo bus Truck Fleet, our professional truck repair experts strive hard to help the truck owners to make your truck damage free for a long time. Our experienced mechanics take utmost care of your truck. If you care about your truck then visit us for regular vehicle maintenance to prevent the possibilities of being stuck in the odd situation. Also, ignoring it may leave you with one or the other kind of loss.   Proper checking of every part of the vehicle is equally important. At our Commercial vehicle inspection stations, we assure you with the proper functioning of your vehicle and it's every important part.   Our regular commercial truck maintenance includes checking the engine oil which eliminates the possibility of mishap and improves fuel efficiency. The ...

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Tips for your limo truck repair and maintenance

by LimoBusTruckFleet on May 30, 2017 Automotive 162 Views

Regular Maintenance and repair of your box truck or coach bus are very important to run successful limo transportation business. It really helps to keep vehicles going into the high six-figure mileage range.  Below are the few tips for your Coach bus repair and maintenance.   1.Apply wax at least every six month. Waxing has always made your limo extra shiny. Wax not only gave the paint a good gloss, but it also protects your limo from scratches. Waxing provides a sacrificial layer on top of the clear coat so that when you remove dirt and such you're not directly rubbing the paint. We would like to suggest to wax the limo at least twice a year. Nothing keeps paint of your limo looking good and protected like a coat of quality wax.   2.Change coolant once a year Engine overheating can be dangerous to your vehicle. If you allow it to continue for too long, your engine can suffer permanent damage. To avoid it, flush the cooling system regularly and ...

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Best Quality Auto Repair service for Limo Bus

by LimoBusTruckFleet on Oct 4, 2017 Automotive 42 Views

Limousines are the truly expensive and classy vehicles, you always you need to take constant care. If your vehicles are used for business, private or commercial, purpose, the ongoing maintenance of your vehicles is the key to increase the durability and save on repair expenses; the regular maintenance will help you to avoid the limo bus truck, coach buses repairs expenses.   Limo Bus Truck Fleet is the Long Island New York based Box Truck Repair and trailer maintenance Company along with highly experienced staff. We are owned business over 30 years’ now; when you need experienced and reliable service for your Bus Limo truck, trailer or other equipment, our regular commercial truck maintenance includes checking the engine oil, radiators, battery, power steering, brake etc.; Also, the auto body needs, specializing in welding (steel and aluminum), fabrication and paint jobs and repair of all left gates, sheet metal and fiberglass etc. We are here to always ...

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