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Everything about exercise for the growing and grown dog

by daniel on Sep 28, 2018 Pets 18 Views

Weight pull - The race is briefly based on the fact that the dog, with the help of a specially designed harness, will draw a wagon with a weight of 5 meters. The training form is called Dragweight (DW) and has grown in popularity in recent years. It is about increasing the dog's strength by training weights longer distances up to 5km. All healthy dogs can perform this sport, but one should start very carefully to avoid overcrowding muscles. Mental exercise -  All healthy dogs should be physically exercised in some way, but the importance of mental exercise can not be emphasized enough. Dogs that are young, old, healthy, sick, obese, all benefit from mental stimulation. Only the imagination stops when it comes to mental stimulation of dogs, some tips can be found here   or here . Trying the imagination there are plenty of activation toys and accessories that build up the dog's ability to solve problems, which in turn enhances their self-esteem. If the dog stops ...

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