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Development in Siem Reap
Article Summary: It's been 20 years since I first travelled to Cambodia and the magical town of Siem Reap. A great deal has happened in 20 years, the level of development has been unprecedented. On first arriving in 1993 the immediate impression was lack of services available to the tourist. Certainly there was still the tuk tuk drivers eager to drive you on a tour of the temples of Angkor for the day. Hotels were popping up but other services were limited. There have been no ATMs and very little else to do if one desired to take a break from visiting the temples. Fast forward 20 years and the problem has completely changed via a great deal of investment, knowledge and innovation. This has been possible through development aid. The tenacity of the neighborhood individuals who despite all the atrocities they've experienced are keen to show off their wonderful country and take the opportunities they have. It has been possible as many Khmers who escaped during the Khmer Rouge era are returning ...


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