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What the WI-FI Hotspot Market Is Offering to Stakeholders
Article Summary:  
The need for temporary WiFi rental has never been as obvious as it is today. Stakeholders in the WiFi Hotspot business are currently reaping great financial benefit from the popularity and demand for Wifi Hotspots. The projection for the future, acquired through extensive market research, tells a further story of success. Big Internet has the ability to not just meet, but to exceed stakeholders’ expectations concerning temporary WiFi rental.
What is a WI-FI Hotspot?
WiFi is a system of accessing the internet from remote devices, such as laptop computers, smartphones and other machines. Wifi is completely wireless despite these connections. A WiFi Hotspot is a physical, designated area where WiFi can be accessed either free of charge or for an hourly cost. WiFi Hotspots are usually found in Internet cafes, at public events, in hotels, libraries or are provided at the airport. WiFi Hotspots are ultimately handy when you are on the go!
The Importance of Market ...
Best Ways to Be on Internet While On the Move
Article Summary: Both the Internet and WiFi have been something of a household name for quite some time now. Continual and immediate access to WiFi has popularized to the extent that people pretty much expect a wireless connection wherever they go. When you are out and about, or travelling, rebounding from one free public Wi-Fi network to the next or counting on unreliable hotel and cafe internet sources can be frustrating and a waste of your valuable time. Portable Internet Solutions have cropped up in many forms and there are a multitude of benefits when considering Internet and WiFi connections while you are on the go.
Staying Connected While You Travel
One of the first things that comes to mind when considering WiFi access on the go, is travelling. Whether it’s in Canada or further afield internationally, being connected to your friends, family, work and accessing information in general, is largely a necessity these days. Therefore, you need something such as a portable WiFi router. ...
Why You Need Portable Internet Service for Your Festival?
Article Summary: Outdoor festivals are some of the most anticipated events of the summer — especially ones that involve music. Big names on the concert circuit include Coachella, Bonnaroo, and Tomorrowland to name a few. We all know attendees will put up with no showers, bad sleeping arrangements, and rainy weather, but, they will not put up with no internet. Connectivity is now an expectation rather than a perk. With thousands of people in attendance, it’s crucial that organizers provide a reliable network, since there’s no advantage to internet downtimes in this digital age.
Whether you’re hosting a country music bonanza or international food fair, one thing is for sure: You must provide your guests with portable internet service. If you’re still not convinced, here are a few reasons why.
Comfort & Convenience
Festival attendees often pay big money to come to an event, especially if it involves an overnight stay. Many of them are traveling from out of town and their ...
How to Secure Home/Office Wi-Fi from Hackers?
Article Summary: Using Wi-Fi at your home or business has kind of become second nature. As long as something hasn’t gone wrong with your connection or service, you don’t even have to log on. Although you might feel secure when using your Wi-Fi, so can some unknown hackers who have figured out how to log on and use it to do a lot of illegal things – things that can get you into some sticky situations. If you’ve been living a carefree existence without worrying about your Wi-Fi, it’s time to consider the possibility that someone could be using your Wi-Fi to stream pirated movies, use up your bandwidth or a couple of even more sinister deeds. You should also be concerned if you are using temporary Wi-Fi rental for events. Here’s our top hacks to out-hack the hackers!
Why you should care
If it’s not costing you any money, you might just shrug and say “meh” when it comes to hackers that are “just using” your Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, you ...



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