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Security Cameras for Business
Article Summary: As business owners we sometime want to trust our staff 100% however in an ideal world this may not be the perfect scenario. While it is good to possess that warm fuzzy feeling inside and feel good about your staff but sometimes the temptation is always to much for only the absolute most honest of staff.
Many business feel that the biggest problem with theft at their business is customer theft but it's been proven time and time again that in fact the biggest theft by far is from staff. This isn't just an off the cuff remark but a challenge that is documented time and time again.
Whilst a matter of coarse when installing security cameras for business you are watching your staff and your staff are watching your customers. Many businesses also use cameras to check on not only for theft but for performance, just say your jobs aren't completed when they should be and imagine your staff suggesting they have been busy. Imagine your absolute shock whenever you watch the replay and ...

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