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Greek Life Leaders: Running the Final Business
Article Summary: Many may only see collegiate Greek life as a social group who hides their partying behind community service hours and charitable donations. However, I wish to challenge that stereotype by focusing on the professional development and self-improvement opportunity that's presented to Greek life members - especially those that hold leadership positions. Currently, I serve my one-hundred member sorority as chapter president and use other officers to keep up a well-balanced, structured, and involved organization.
Fraternities and sororities must operate as a company first, and a socialite second to be able to be successful. I want to indicate some key concepts that report the relation between Greek organizations and businesses.
Greek organizations: 
• Divide officers into teams to focus on specific areas of the chapter 
• Must operate on a strict budget, fueled solely from member's dues 
• Must market themselves well to be able to continue steadily to ...


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