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AnchorSTOP, LOOK and REPAIR. Why driving with a cracked windscreen can be dangerous!
Article Summary:  
Sometimes it seems like the world is out to get our windscreen. Windscreen damage is very common and very inconvenient. What are the main culprits that cause windscreen chips and cracks?
Rocks and debris on the road are windscreen-harming projectiles. We all cringe and hope for the best as we approach an area of unsealed road at speed (usually accompanied by an oncoming truck or two). There’s not much you can do to avoid stones and pebbles thrown up by other cars; but keeping a good distance between other vehicles and reducing your speed may help.
Mother nature also loves to throw us some curveballs in the form of hailstones and thunderstorms. Tree branches and windblown debris love to collide with our windscreens. Utilise a garage or undercover parking wherever you can and try to avoid driving in poor weather events.
Sudden temperature changes. Extreme heat or cold can cause windscreen glass to expand or contract. Cracks may occur if you leave the ...
How to Prevent Whiplash in a Car Accident
Article Summary: Car accidents are a common occurring nowadays. People can get severely injured in them without even causing the accident. Whiplash or neck strain is one of the common types of car accident injuries. It is caused usually by rear-end crashes and can damage the nerves and muscles of the neck. The injuries resulting from whiplash are not that serious but in some cases can lead to a concussion and tightness of the neck and shoulder muscles. Irrespective of how serious the injury caused by whiplash is, it can take a lot of time to heal and might even restrict your neck’s movement for a few days.
How Whiplash Occurs
Whiplash is caused by the hyperextension of the neck in the aftermath of a rear-end collision. The collision caused the body of the driver to move backwards. While the torso is immediately stopped by the seat back, the neck gets jerked backwards until it hits the headrest Windscreen repair cost of the seat. This sudden jerking motion causes the muscles and ligaments of the ...
Windscreen Replacement Process
Article Summary: If you car’s windscreen has been badly damaged and can’t be repaired then the best available option is to opt for windscreen replacement. While new windscreens usually come at a premium price, it is still important to replace the old one especially if its visibility has been compromised regarding Mobile Windscreen Replacement. It is always a good idea to have your windscreen replaced by a certified auto glass technician. This will ensure that the windshield has been replaced properly and won’t come off in the event of an accident. Here is a look at the process used by the experts for replacing a cracked windscreen.
Step # 1: Covering Car Interior and Exterior
The first step of the windscreen replacement process is to cover the interior of the car. This is done to ensure that any glass fragments don’t damage the driver and passenger seats as well as the dashboard. Aside from the car interior, the exterior part of the car is also covered to make sure that it ...
DIY Suggestions to Maintain and Repair Your Vehicle’s Auto Glass and Headlights
Article Summary: Like any other parts of a vehicle, Autoglass and headlights are susceptible to damage and wear and tear and require regular maintenance and repair.  These can be caused by road accidents, environmental and weather damage, acts of aggression and attacks from people and a range of various other factors regarding Mobile Windscreen Replacement.  Autoglass and headlights are crucial parts of a vehicle as they are primarily responsible for providing and maintaining visibility in a vehicle.  Long term damage caused to them, if not repaired, can create a major hazard in vehicles and make both drivers and passengers more susceptible to accidents.  Here are some effective and successful ways of restoring auto glass and headlights of vehicles.
Etching of autoglass can easily be fixed by using glass restoration polish, buffing pad and glass cleaner.  Windows are to be polished by using a glass polish, low-speed rotary polisher and lubricating oil.  Scratches on ...



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