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First-rateresidence at the heart of Yangon
Article Summary: Contemporary building structures are taking a fickle move owing to the upsurge increase of designs regarding Yangon apartments. But one residence going by the name of 'Pyay gardens' have simply proved that their eclectic ideas are unfettered. The all new building wraps up the art of voluptuous comfort and true definition of lavish style.
Committed to the finest doctrine of pure luxury, this residence has indeed perfected the art of comfort. 
The 'wow factors' surpass all odds at a single statement-inimitable peculiarity.
This residence in Yangon is bound to deliver true lifestyle by it's spruce solid structured apartments and offices. The building is nested right at the heart of prominent business districts whilst it lays near vast surroundings like schools, hospitals, shopping center, airports and lastly the downtown area. 
It boasts a renowned view of the legendary Shwedagon Pagoda not understating the mind-blowing scenarios of Yangon city. It features ...

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