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Dr. Raymond Goh

An Overview Of The Popular Type Of Breast Implants Available
Article Summary: To make their breasts appear fuller and bigger, women nowadays are undergoing the breast implant procedure. Most of the women prefer undergoing it after reconstructive surgeries such as mastectomy for breast cancer or other cosmetic reasons.
To augment, reconstruct or create the physical form of the breast, breast implant – a medical prosthesis procedure is adopted. This breast implant is placed inside the breast. The medical procedure is conducted under the due guidance of the highly skilled breast implants surgeon Brisbane.
Silicone Breast Implants
FDA approved for women aged 22 years and above, these type of breast implants are filled with gel. The gel gives you the feeling of natural breast tissue. If you choose silicone plants, frequently you will have to visit the surgeon. This is to know the functioning together with the condition of breast implants through ultrasound or MRI screening.
Saline Breast Implants
FDA approved, this type of implants are filled with sterile ...
Why is Revision Rhinoplasty Tougher?
Article Summary: Revision rhinoplasty, also commonly referred to as secondary rhinoplasty, is any time the nose has surgery performed on it after the first surgery. Revision rhinoplasty is more often than not more difficult to perform than a primary (first time) procedure. It takes more time to complete, will often require materials gained from other parts of the body, and requires more knowledge, experience, and technical skills on the surgeon’s side.
So why is secondary rhinoplasty much tougher to perform? Well, to begin with, the anatomy is no longer pristine, but rather, there will often be an abundance of thick, hard scar tissue from the previous operation. Scar tissue obscures the natural tissue planes that separate the various cartilages, bone, and soft tissue within the nose. Precise and careful dissection is often painstakingly necessary to separate the scar tissue from normal structures of the nose.
Defining the normal existing anatomy of the nose is only the beginning and this alone ...
Consult Dr. Raymond Goh to Experience the Great Effects of Plastic Surgery
Article Summary: If you are thinking about going for a plastic or cosmetic surgery, then you must consult with Dr Raymond Goh the Best cosmetic surgeon in Brisbane. He is the highly qualified Australia-based specialist plastic surgeon in Brisbane. He will answer all your queries and doubts related to the all surgical procedures. They make sure the client is fully satisfied with their services and client’s safety is always their first priority. Dr. Goh performs both reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery. His practical and clear-cut approach to revive and improve the body parts gives natural, satisfying and enduring results.
You will get the knowledge of various procedures from their website, such as:
• Breast Procedures: The Shape and size of women breasts can play important role in women body. Women who are not satisfied with their breast size or its appearance, they offer many procedures. Talk to Dr. Goh and consult about the available Breast Reconstruction Procedures in Brisbane.



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