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Ryan Jospeh

Types of Savings Account
Article Summary: As of late banks offer people with different age groups and work domains with different types of savings accounts. Banks offer dedicated savings accounts to senior citizens, minors, women, salaried individuals, institutes, trusts and many more. Based on your eligibility and requirement following are the savings account you can open at any bank.
The common used saving account types include:
1.Regular/Basic Savings Account :
A regular savings account provides the minimum of facilities and basic rates. You need to ensure that you keep up the recommended minimum amount in your bank account so as not to cause additional charges.
2.Salary based savings account:
Salary account is also a type of savings account, this can only be opened by a salaried individual and most companies directly store the employee's monthly salary into this account. A key element of the salary account is that it is a zero balance savings account, for which there isn’t any necessity to maintain a minimum ...


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