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Heavy Vehicles Repair Service Is No More a Headache

by LimoBusTruckFleet on Jan 18, 2018 Automotive 485 Views

Having a proper-quality vehicle is a certain necessity for people, In that case, a prompt repair is needed. We are reputable repair shop, straightforward and commit guiltless errors. Don't worry about Box Truck Repair it will be in trusted and legit auto repair shop. We pride ourself on being in advance and fair with clients, which implies no concealed expenses or charges. Ask your friends and family who they trust to do the service on their vehicles. Do your research before taking your vehicle to a shop?  Please do it. Make a list at home before you visit your mechanic and be specific about repairs or checks that you want get done. Explain exactly what your vehicle problem is and be. No mechanic is a crystal ball reader and all vehicles are different so don't just drop the vehicle off and expect them to figure it all out on their own. Do not choose one out of desperation that is the quickest way to get in a costly situation. Be diligent and do your research and ...

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Billy Fuccillo, known for 'huge' radio spots for his car dealerships, locked in cyberpiracy battle

by billyfuccillo on Oct 12, 2018 Automotive 455 Views

Car dealership owner Billy Fuccillo is in a “huge” trademark dispute with a competitor. Fuccillo, known for his advertisements across the Tampa Bay area, is suing Trent Silver in federal court, alleging that he engaged in "cyberpiracy" when Silver registered the domain "" on and used it to redirect customers to the Century Kia website. Silver's use of the domain name was "willful, deliberate and in bad faith," according to the lawsuit filed last week in U.S. District Court in the Middle District of Florida, Tampa division. Fuccillo, who owns Fuccillo Automotive Group, operates Fuccillo Kia in Wesley Chapel while his rival, Century Kia, is only 10 miles away, the lawsuit said. In his lawsuit, Fuccillo said the battle has been going on since March 27, when he submitted a complaint to arbitration. According to the lawsuit, shortly after Fuccillo filed that arbitration claim, Silver "contacted Fuccillo Kia in ...

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Billy Fuccillo parts ways with general manager Xavier Villarreal

by billyfuccillo on Oct 18, 2018 Automotive 311 Views

Xavier Villarreal, who helped build Fuccillo Kia in Cape Coral into the world’s bestselling Kia dealership, said he mutually parted ways with owner Billy Fuccillo. Villarreal, 36 and until July 1 the only general manager at Fuccillo Kia, is three weeks into his search for a new job. The 2000 Fort Myers High School graduate is pursuing multiple car dealership opportunities in Southwest Florida, around the state, and across the country. He was traveling to Los Angeles for job interviews Thursday. “The hardest part wasn’t leaving Billy,” said Villarreal, who had been in the role since the dealership opened in December 2010 off Pine Island Road. “It was leaving my staff. That really was the hardest part.” Villarreal said Fuccillo recently had promoted him, but the promotion did not include their agreed-upon pay raise, Villareal said. Fuccillo could not be reached for comment. Fuccillo Kia announced Carl Rosciti as the new general manager. He ...

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Billy Fuccillo helps flooded Fla. war veteran with 'huge' $30,000 check

by billyfuccillo on Nov 16, 2018 Automotive 197 Views

You know him for his "huge" car sales,but Fuccillo Automotive Group owner Billy Fuccillo is known to one Florida war veteran as something of a savior. Gordon Page, an 85-year-old Korean War Veteran, made news last week when his home where he and his wife care for three other vets was flooded, WIVB-TVreported. Fuccillo saw the story, felt a connection to Page, and decided to help by pledging to pay for almost all of the repairs required. "My dad's 92 now, so I know a little about what went on way back, especially with war veterans," Fuccillo told WFLA-TV in Florida, where he owns several dealerships. In total, Fuccillo, wrote a check for $30,000. $25,000 of that came out of his own pocket, and $5,000 came from donations by Fuccillo employees. "Before you put your head on the pillow at night, it's always good to make sure you do the right thing for people," Fuccillo said. "The Lord has blessed me. I say my prayers every night. He's letting ...

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Huge promotion floats customers boats

by billyfuccillo on Nov 29, 2018 Automotive 158 Views

  In December, more than 3,000 customers cruised to Belize, Cozumel and Grand Cayman island aboard the Navigator of the Seas. Billy Fuccillo doesn't do anything small, including sales promotions. The owner of Fuccillo Automotive Group has raised his own marketing bar with a behemoth of a promotional event: a free, six-day cruise for every customer who buys or leases a Kia from one of his Florida Kia stores during an annual late-winter sales event. "It's a tremendous customer-loyalty builder," says Fuccillo, a former tight end at Syracuse University who projects a larger-than-life persona that dwarfs even his commanding 6-foot-4-inch, 270-pound presence. "Customers come back every two or three years to buy a new Kia because they want to go on the trip." To illustrate the effectiveness of the annual Cruise with Huge promotion, Fuccillo recalls a customer who came in last year to trade in a 2016 Optima with only 800 miles for a 2017 Optima. "He told ...

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Truck System Technologies, Inc.

by Dan Covington on Jan 8, 2019 Automotive 147 Views

Truck System Technologies is on a quest to address the disproportionate tire blowouts and resultant fatalities that plague in the R.V. industry through an established, thoroughly tested, economical, wireless external tire monitoring system.   Principal founders Dan Covington and John Friend partnered in a quest to address the disproportionate tire blowouts and resultant fatalities that ensued in the R.V. industry through an established, thoroughly tested, economical, wireless external tire monitoring system. While addressing this fatal need within the R.V. owner circles, it immediately became apparent that all sizes, types, and designs of commercial transport vehicles were also in dire need of the security and fuel conservation afforded by this very unique, dependable product. At that point the mission became clear. Take this life-, fuel-, and property-saving device and make it affordable for businesses and individuals alike. To this end we have succeeded.   TST is the only ...

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Ensuring Protection With Crisis Lights for Cars

by BettyFajardo on Feb 26, 2019 Automotive 72 Views

Those that respond to critical circumstances require the correct disaster lights for cars. This can help them remain safe and hold oncoming traffic alert to the specific situation ahead. Authorities vehicles, of course, need a wide range of crisis lighting. They require mild bars, splash lights, grill lights, headlight flashers, and several other types to complete their work effectively. However, what forms of illumination do different crisis responders involve? Several volunteer with their regional fireplace or police. These volunteers require the ability to answer any situation from their very own vehicle. Those vehicles require illumination possibilities as well. Needless to say, all states have rules on the forms of emergency lights for cars that are appropriate. You'll need to examine and follow these recommendations with any lights you purchase. Security businesses often have to utilize organization cars to patrol areas. These cars need correct emergency lights for cars. ...

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Automatic Welding: The Future, Nowadays

by ConradBrooks on Feb 26, 2019 Automotive 73 Views

Perhaps you have observed the movie Wall-E? Usually the one concerning the software whose job it's to clean up exactly what do only be defined since the American wasteland? Sure, it had been a great movie - but I am perhaps not certain that robots are very that sophisticated yet. In any event, robotics has come a considerable ways, and while we might perhaps not be capable of having the service we would get from Wall-E rather however, as it pertains to such things as robotic welding, we're finding deeper and closer. Therefore, what is automatic welding? In probably the most easy phrases, robotic welding is what it really appears like - oahu is the automatic welding of several metal pieces with a robot. Generally, there are two kinds of products used for robotic welding service. They contain articulating robots and industrial control panel the slightly more complicated rectilinear selection, which are somewhat more challenging to explain. Of the two popular types of industrial ...

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Finding the Best JCB Forklift in the UK for your Needs

by SHANTEL PENLINGTON on Apr 13, 2019 Automotive 50 Views

You won’t have any trouble finding a JCB forklift for sale in the UK. This brand is well known and it has plenty to offer! They are exceptionally well made and they can help you to complete quite a few tasks. However, there are several models to select from with this brand. The diversity ensures each customer can get their needs met. Don’t rush, take all the time you need. There are several factors you need to consider when you shop for a JCB forklift for sale in the UK. This includes the overall size, the power it offers, the features included, and the price. When you evaluate those factors, you will be able to size up the pros and cons of them to your specific needs. You can also ask for help from someone selling them if you need assistance deciding. Assessing your Needs A good place to start is to assess your own needs. How frequently will you use the JCB forklift for sale in the UK? What types of tasks do you plan to accomplish with it? How much room do you have to ...

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Get Results with the Right JCB Forklift

by SHANTEL PENLINGTON on Apr 13, 2019 Automotive 47 Views

You can count on JCB teletruk forklifts to assist you with getting those jobs done! You can rely on such equipment to last a very long time. The best safety features and options are included. You can select the right model fit your specific needs. There are plenty to choose from so you can get exactly what you need. Compare them to see what works best! Great Brand You don’t want to fall short when it comes to the equipment you use. It can help you to save time and to save money. It can help you to create a wonderful reputation for your business as well. With one of the JCB teletruk forklifts, you can get the job done without hassles or delays. You may find you need several of them as your business grows! This is a brand you can count on due to the way in which these products are made. They are very durable so they will last for years. They can take on the unique challenges your business may face. They also have a very good safety rating when they are used as designed. Make sure ...

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