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Manglik and Non Manglik Marriage and Remedies

by VirtanenJany on Apr 1, 2018 Business 459 Views

The world Mars, in Hindu Vedic astrology, presents energy, action and the ego. Mars may have an optimistic effect or a negative one on a person's life, depending on the home it occupies in the beginning horoscope regarding online horoscope matching. When Mars is positioned in a powerful position and is exalted, claim Mars consumes the next, 6th and 11th house; it can confer large energy, self-confidence, effort, courage, an diagnostic curved of brain, reputation, pleasure and success. 

Mars might have a negative effect when it occupies the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th properties of the horoscope. Mars in the 7th house and the 8th home is known as the most inauspicious. This position of Mars influences the marital living of a person and may be the root cause of severe marital disharmony. When Mars occupies an inauspicious house it can result in allergy, crazy behaviour, could make an individual hot-tempered, stubborn and incident prone. In Vedic astrology, a person having Mars in an inauspicious house in the horoscope is called a Manglik. 

Facts about the negative effect of Mangal Dosha 

1. Mars can affect equally guys and girls negatively.

2. A Manglik can experience serious straight back luck in life. That impact is strong on the marital living and may cause marital misery, broken relationships or even the sudden ruin of the spouse.

3. The influence of Mars could make one allergy, ruthless, self-centered and the person is not able to adjust. Anyone could also experience quick and significant economic losses, failure in relationships and discord in marriage. 

Several other details about Mangal Dosha 

1. Some think that the bad effects of Mars are automatically nullified if the individual exists on a Tuesday. This is not accurate to be born on any time does not have any effect on the Mars energy that guides you. You are able to view my movie for more detail. 

2. Some genuinely believe that Mangal dosha effect diminishes following 28 years of age. This really is also another misbelief distribute by people who don't understand Mangalik dosha results in detail. As your horoscopes doesn't change throughout your life, the effect of Mars will never modify during your life. You can view my video explaining this in detail. 

3. A Manglik should marry another Manglik, as the negative influences are quickly cancelled out. Whenever a Manglik marries a non-Manglik, the couple people discord, disharmony and can result in a variety of problems. There are many therapies which are given in Vedic astrology specifically with this situation. 

Solutions of Mangal Dosha: 

1. In organized marriages, the matching of the delivery horoscopes is advised to discover a acceptable match. Such cases, union should be considered with mangalik only.

2. An old treatment could be the Kumbh Vivah. This is when a Manglik groom first marries a strawberry pine or the Manglik bride first marries a peepal tree to wipe out the malefic influence of Mars. The individual then marries the non-Manglik person. 

It's widely thought that the malefic influence of Mars results in the demise of the spouse. Mars is also said to trigger fights, discord, and divorce in couples. A marital alliance between a Manglik and non-Manglik is mainly eliminated, for this reason wide-spread belief. The corresponding of horoscopes, prior to completing a matrimonial alliance, is recommended. Astrological treatments, as given by an experienced Vedic astrologer, carry great benefits and help reduce the malefic effect of Mars. Different therapies, such as for instance carrying gemstones, as advised by way of a gemologist, also assists offer with this particular situation. Apart from these remedies, common respect and modifications in a marriage also go a long way in making the union a long and happy one. 

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