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Windscreen Replacement Process

by NarrosDavi on May 10, 2018 Business 390 Views

If you car’s windscreen has been badly damaged and can’t be repaired then the best available option is to opt for windscreen replacement. While new windscreens usually come at a premium price, it is still important to replace the old one especially if its visibility has been compromised regarding Mobile Windscreen Replacement. It is always a good idea to have your windscreen replaced by a certified auto glass technician. This will ensure that the windshield has been replaced properly and won’t come off in the event of an accident. Here is a look at the process used by the experts for replacing a cracked windscreen.

Step # 1: Covering Car Interior and Exterior

The first step of the windscreen replacement process is to cover the interior of the car. This is done to ensure that any glass fragments don’t damage the driver and passenger seats as well as the dashboard. Aside from the car interior, the exterior part of the car is also covered to make sure that it remains safe while the broken windshield is removed.

Step # 2: Removing the Damaged Windscreen

Removal of the damaged windscreen is step number two of this process. It involves cutting the seals which are holding the old windscreen in place. Precision tools are used for this purpose to ensure a clean cut. If special glue had been used for securing the windscreen then it needs to be dissolved before you are able to take the windscreen out.

Step # 3: Applying Glue

The third step is to apply glue.The first coat of paint is applied on the areas of the car where the new windscreen is to be fitted while the second coat is applied on the contact surfaces of the windscreen itself.

Step # 4: Fit the Windscreen on the Car

The last step is to fit the new windscreen on its appropriate place in the car. Leave the car for about an hour before taking it out again so that the glue dries completely.



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