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Read These 8 Tips. Mobile App Development Doesn't Have To Be Hard.

by jason mark on Jan 16, 2019 Business 130 Views

If you wish your business to stand out apart and reap the benefits you want, you need the Mobile app. Many people are now aware of it. Advertise promotions in a cost-effective way are possible with mobile apps or android apps and has a quicker turnaround time.


“Is it very difficult to build an app? “This is a very common question which comes in the mind of a beginner who is very curious to learn how to code and how to make an app. And there is no easy way to answer it. More info: Mobile app development company in Pune


The term app means an application, a software program that’s designed to perform a specific function directly for the user. It’s not always that the complicated apps will be successful and the simple apps will not be successful, it all depends on the function. Sometimes the simple app gets great success.


1. You need to decide your goal – To create a finished, multiplatform, consumer-ready app you should have an end product in your mind.


2. Planning and research – In this stage you decide on the concept or the purpose of the app, the platform, your target market, and revenue model. You also need to do background research on competitor’s offerings and all other related topics.


3. Mental Sketching or prototyping – This is the stage where you will start making a concrete plan of how your app will actually work. This involves wireframing the app which means figuring out the major design elements and user flow.


4. Hiring a team to create an app- To make an app it requires skills also requires some technical training which includes coding.  Basic developer skills are not enough to build a commercial app. If you have simple app idea you can do learn development on your own all the time but to be realistic is very important about the time commitment and think if it makes more sense to hire a team or build it yourself.


 5. Deciding on the cost - Cost of creating a mobile vary greatly depending on the single-platform app or high-end apps. The cost is slightly on the higher side as it takes a team to build an app who will be working for four to six months to get the app off the ground. There are other costs involved to make an app are Software licensing fees, draw up contracts, legal fees to protect your product, accounting cost and other administrative costs which may vary for different apps.


6. Finalize the process for development – Apps need complex technical requirements you need to decide on the back-end system supporting your app, and research API and other needed systems to make sure they can feasibly support the functionality to want to provide.


7. Understand the concept and idea behind the app- You need to understand the concept and idea behind the app If your goal is to make money out of your app or you want to make the game app so based on your interest come up with a simple idea it doesn’t matter if the app already exists.


8.  Test the app – Make the analysis to define the most popular and used gadgets in the market then choose a device with a different OS and devices with different screen resolutions also pay attention to compatibility, memory size, connectivity etc.

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