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Hazard management in Construction industries

by EdwardLam on Jan 24, 2019 Business 147 Views

The construction industry is one of the leading industry in the development of the economy, infrastructure and provides quality of life to the people. It also contributes to a large extent in the employment rate of any country. On the contrary, the higher rate of work-related accidents resulting in fatalities and injuries have made of the hazardous work The construction industry in the US has more than 67000 employers with over 7 million employees and creates nearly $1.3 trillion worth of structure each year.

Construction workers are those, who perceive more clearly the lack of job safety. It has been evidenced by a number of studies that the construction industry is one of dewalt dpg59 hazardous workplace industry with high rates of fatalities, injuries and health problems. It has been observed that more deaths are caused via the ill health of the worker rather than any safety breach.

Health problems can cause many problems for a project in terms of time overrun, cost overrun, less quality and loss of production. Hazards exist in every workplace but through better identification of hazards at your sites, you will be better prepared to control or eliminate them.

Safety wear is imperatives to protect workers and staff at the construction site from head to toe. And many manufacturers providing these safety wearables on the authority of international standards such as ISI and CE. These wearables come in a specific design for precaution purposes. Eye strain has been observed vulnerable health problem, which is because proper PPE is not provided insufficient light when working at night to complete the tasks assigned and continuous exposure to sun and ultraviolet and radiation effect.

Safety goggles are worn to protect eyes. There are crossfire’s bifocal safety glasses are available in the market which has specific designs and material to protect the eye portion. These bifocal safety glasses cover a worker against- Radioactive and Radiation (including ionizing, nonionizing), high temperature, and high exposure to sunlight/ ultraviolet rays. DewlapReinforce Rx is a type of safety glass which combines essentials of both Crossfire bifocal glass and reading glass.

There are many benefits of these glasses like these have magnification dioptremelded into the lens. On construction sites workers can be seen wearing a hard hat, safety orange vest, steel-toed boots to protect their feet, protective eyewear but avoids ear protection. There is nothing wrong in saying that construction sites are the noisy place- trucks, jackhammers, earth movers are loud stuff.

So it is a principal responsibility of construction companies to provide their susceptible workers with appropriate ear protection. Nowadays in the market there are many hearing protection devices available. These devices can cancel or block dangerous and loud background noise but still allow the wearers to hear a conversation face to face.

These “hear through” devices are the perfect solution for a worker on loud construction sites. The loudness and consistent sound within the construction site area and lack of noise control equipment are deleterious to workers and also for those who live near construction sites.



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