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Past & Future of Cannabis or Marijuana

by GaryLemay on Feb 7, 2019 Business 140 Views

Cannabis commonly known as a weed in America and European countries is quite a controversial topic. Some of the references can be seen in movies as well. Basically, it is something which is illegal in most of the countries in the world. It is one type of drug which is generally smoked in a hand-rolled cigarette or in a pipe. Mainly cannabis is a psychoactive drug which comes from the cannabis plant.

It used to be used only for medical and recreational purposes and the term used for the plant for these purposes was ‘Hemp’. Over the time it had gained more popularity as drug addiction and cannabis loan was illegal as well in all most all the countries. Recently, Canada became the second and the largest country to legalize Marijuana nationwide. Before Canada, Uruguay was the first country to legalize marijuana nationwide. Although there were countries were weed law was not that strongly followed selling it was banned and it includes Spain, Peru, Netherland, and South Africa.

Recently, in the last few years, people have really opened up against the government in various countries about the decriminalizing of marijuana. In the United States of America, 46 states have allowed the use of marijuana in some of the other way. For example, recreational use is allowed in Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Washington state, Washington DC, and Vermont.

This change has opened up a lot of business scope in the market of weed for different purposes. As the demand is very high then it is one of the prime business options. As Cannabis is basically a plant to grow and sell is the logic can be somewhat applied. Today the market of weed is valued somewhere around $8 billion and which is expected to go beyond $25 billion by 2025-26.

There are numerous ways by which one can enter into the cannabis business. Products like leds and light based. Another way is by financing with the companies like CTT which provides households with $60,000 and the individuals without households up to $15,000.

MedMen was founded in 2010 by co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Adam Bierman and Andrew Modlin and has raised $99.2 million including $60 million raised through the MedMen Opportunity fund that closed in April. With this money, the MedMen Opportunity Fund has invested in seven projects that span from dispensaries in California and New York to cultivation facilities in California, New York, and Nevada. They also have a stake in MedReleaf in Canada. The group recently hosted its first Institutional Capital and Cannabis Conference in San Jose that sold out. MedMen plans to keep launching more investment vehicles to deploy in strategic markets. This is a prime example which indicates the future of cannabis is very bright and booming.

Of course, you don’t actually need to be buying and selling pumpkins to profit from futures contracts. Speculators can jump in on the action too. If you think pumpkin prices will rise next year, you can buy a futures contract and sell it at a premium as pumpkin prices rise. Now, this futures market is coming to the marijuana industry.






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