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by Big Digital on Feb 21, 2019 Business 102 Views

Let’s face it: many people have event fatigue. After going to the same conventions, concerts, and pop-up shops all utilizing the same effects, organizers must constantly find new and creative ways to impress their audiences. If you’re tired of outdated strobe lights and boxed contraptions, then consider projection mapping.

With projection mapping, your guests can feel as though they’ve stepped into a completely different environment. Transform a cold, barren convention room into a wilderness escape. Or turn your grand opening event space into a winter wonderland. For real marketing impact, use projection mapping to splash your company’s message on a building facade instead. The possibilities are endless with this innovative technology that’s changing the event planning landscape.

What is Projection Mapping?

Simply put, projection mapping involves projecting images onto a surface. You’ll often see this technology used at NBA games to bring a basketball court to life. Other times, companies will orchestrate a projection mapping show to reveal a new product and get people talking.

The projections can be as simple as flat indoor stage graphics or as complex as moving video on industrial landscapes. Common objects are often turned into interactive 3D displays. Music or other sound effects are also incorporated to enhance the experience. Regardless of how projection mapping is utilized, there’s no doubt your audience will take notice.

Why is Projection Mapping Beneficial?

As mentioned earlier, many event goers are tired of seeing the same presentations over and over again. Projection mapping allows for creative flexibility, given that the technology can be used in multiple ways. Below are some reasons why you should consider it for your next event.

  • Portability: A traditional display system can be heavy and difficult to move. Projection mapping devices, however, are quite small and lightweight. This is especially useful if your business is putting on an event or advertising your product in multiple cities. Any company can easily transport these portable projectors from place to place. If you’re lugging around a large LED panel and decide it would look better against a different wall, the contractors will charge extra to move it. With projectors, you can simply pick it up and place it in another location.
  • 3D capabilities: Projection mapping goes beyond displaying 2D graphics on a flat surface. Use stunning 3D imagery to make your audience feel like they’ve been teleported to a different time and space. Your guests will be able to interact with your displays, encouraging them to feel connected to your brand. This type of engagement is only possible because of projection mapping’s 3D capabilities.
  • Eliminate wasted props: Whether it’s an anniversary celebration or a new product launch, companies spend tens of thousands of dollars purchasing decorations and stage sets for various events. But once the engagement is over, what happens to all these props? Chances are they get stored away somewhere never to be seen again. Or organizers end up hoping all this “stuff” can be reused at another function. With projection mapping, however, there’s no tangible waste. A company doesn’t have to buy new projectors each time it wants to update material. Simply erase the current graphics, and design a whole new presentation using the same projectors instead.

Creative Uses for Projection Mapping

Do a quick search online and you’ll see some extravagant examples of projection mapping. But don’t be intimidated. Never feel pressured into competing with what’s on offer at the top end of the price and size spectrum. Work with your team to create a presentation that’s meaningful and relevant to your brand. And although 3D imagery is spectacular to look at, 2D graphics can be just as mesmerizing with some thoughtful design.

An AV equipment rental firm like Big Digital can help you create an immersive experience using this groundbreaking technology. From interactive floor experiences to complex building installations, anything is possible with the right team. If you’re ready to incorporate projection mapping into your next event, ask yourself these questions to get the ideas flowing:

1. Do you have a budget?

You may perceive projection mapping as expensive, but it can actually be done very affordably. Be realistic about your budget and try to stick to it during the design process. If your budget is limited, consult your AV team to see what’s feasible within that price range. The experts can advise the best route possible and ways to get the most bang for your buck.

2. How large is your event space?

The larger your venue, the more projectors you’ll need, raising the costs considerably. Don’t feel obligated to completely transform your event space for guests to have a good time. Choose a few focal points and pinpoint your projection efforts there instead.

3. What will you be projecting?

Depending on the detail and complexity of your images, the cost of projection mapping will go up. If your budget is limited, consider projecting high-quality imagery on a smaller surface. For example, display effective video projections at individual tables instead of splurging on a flashy wall mirage.

Whether we’re driving down the street, watching television, or scrolling through Facebook, we’re bombarded with ads every minute of the day. Everywhere you look, someone is trying to sell you something! Because of this reason alone, it’s important to increase the wow factor of your brand. Make your audience pause for a moment with stunning imagery that’s interactive and effective. With projection mapping technology, the possibilities are endless. Create an event that your guests will talk about for years to come.

For more information about projection mapping, call Big Digital at 1-888-339-1815 or contact us here



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