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Top Challenges and Trends for HR in 2019

by joshina on Apr 12, 2019 Business 37 Views

HR is a core department in any organization because talent acquisition and new initiatives begins from here. There is a need for HR Solutions Hongkong to see how much or how little change they can bring so that the employees build more trust in the organization and focus on their business and personal development goals.

Bring the change:

Change can be brought only when organization starts learning from the new individuals who on board the organization. It is an age-old practice that we want new employees to know what we want from them, instead ask them what they want us to learn from them. Learning should be a two-way process to make them more efficient and focused on the job.

Trust in the workplace

This is the topmost challenge for any organization because the overall performance of an organization or an individual depends on what extent an employee trusts the employer/boss/team.”Trust in the work” place should be placed on top of the list while planning the HR agenda.


Coming days, we may not be able to see the traditional recruitment procedures, Artificial Intelligence will soon become a partner in hiring process. Technology-driven recruitment will catch up soon, so creating “technology awareness” can be one of the HR trends in 2019.

Employee engagement

This is a very familiar term, why is it more important? Companies where the employees are more engaged are more productive than the rivals. So, this can be lot more improved by offering the employee professional development and rewards.

Team diversity

More the diversity more the team performance, different approaches come up when the team is more diversified. So ensure that geographic, socio-economic and cultural diversity are integrated in the teams.

Front-line managers

This is a new perspective where the managers in the organization are empowered to lead the teams to success. Managers need to be trained properly to have a rightful conversation with the team members. This is more productive because each individual can be reviewed. By doing so the manager will understand the gaps and areas of improvement within the team and in turn this helps him to drive the team to success.

Provide Development services

This is not commonly seen but we expect to see this soon. The service provider will thoroughly analyze the employee based on his previous year’s performance (data-driven), here the interests of both parties (employee and service provider) are in the same line, and this helps the employee to become better in performance

Employee experience:

Give the employee the best experience where his needs, requirements, and strengths are fulfilled. This way the employee becomes more focused and also self-driven. Incorporate the employee experience in the HR trends in 2019 and see the magic.

Labs for innovation

New HR initiatives and Technologies can be designed from this lab and implemented on small teams on a pilot basis to measure the success. This is a perfect trend to set new HR initiatives with proper guidelines. After all, labs are not only for science and technology.

Perks and benefits

This is the only communication to an employee that the employer is giving him the needed support. Hope to see some new benefits that address the expectations of the employees in the HR trends in 2019.



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