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How Palestinians Are Placing the Stage for Conclusion Times Prophecy

by JerryHaines on May 22, 2019 Business 130 Views

With the Palestinians working to the U.N. for a decision on a Palestinian state, and the Obama administration threatening to veto it, it seems that the U.S.-led Heart East peace process concerning Israel and the Palestinians reaches an end. However, this really is excellent information for anyone searching for the shortly reunite of Christ, since the Palestinians are now actually aligning toward the satisfaction of end-times Bible prophecy. This article explains.

Palestinian chief Mahmoud Abbas has fired up Leader Obama by launching an all-out campaign in front of the U.N. vote on the resolution of a Palestinian state. Leader Obama has attempted to suppress Abbas from ادوية القلق planning forward with the Palestinian request because of this vote, but Abbas is not merely stubbornly pushing ahead, he is using all of his sources to strategy for votes from U.N. member states.

Contact it position, counter-point, as PA Abbas turns against the White House, and the administration is preparing to check out through using its promise. Wendy Sherman, Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs confirmed that the U.S. will veto the Palestinian U.N. resolution. This may clearly put up the wall-possibly for the ultimate time-between the Obama administration and the Palestinian leadership. It'll remove a U.S.-led Heart East peace treaty between Israel and the Palestinians.

The U.N. decision could undermine previous peace agreements rejecting unilateralism (a affirmation of circumstances by one party). Furthermore, it'd free Israel from previously-agreed upon responsibilities, including these in the Oslo Accords. Yet another major problem with a U.N. affirmation of a Palestinian state is that the Palestinian Authority does not even meet up with the checks of statehood, including effective government, representation, and get a grip on over a defined area, among others.

Thus, Abbas is moving the Palestinian cause away from both Israel and the U.S. This aligns completely with Bible prophecy. Israel is at the very center of the prophetic image, but neither the U.S. nor the Palestinians can be found in end-times prophecy. Considering that the Obama administration has its Center East hopes associated with the Palestinians, the Palestinian traitorous transfer also pulls the U.S. from the prophetic picture.

That Abbas is using the Palestinians out from the treaty photograph with Israel shouldn't be shocking if you're students of Bible prophecy. After all, it won't function as Palestinians with whom the Jewish state is likely to make their end-times treaty.

Israel is seeking a treaty that may give its Jewish people with "peace and security." Nevertheless, even if the U.N. decision goes through-and the U.N. declares a Palestinian state-Israel won't have calm relations with the Palestinians. Palestinian leadership has obviously shown so it won't ever negotiate a peace treaty with Israel. This means that Israel must look elsewhere for a treaty that may meet what it thinks are non-negotiables.

The Bible shows that the treaty Israeli management will think to satisfy their zeal for peace and protection will be the treaty mentioned in Daniel 9:27. Hints in Daniel and Thought show this treaty will undoubtedly be co-signed by five leaders of different countries; thus, the Palestinians will not be involved in that treaty-nor every other treaty with Israel. After all, if Israel confirmed a treaty with the Palestinians that the Jewish authority believing it to generally meet their standards of peace and protection, Israel would not have to signal a later, end-times treaty. But the Bible shows it'll, and, so, the Palestinians are actually out of the treaty photograph for good.

We could see that connection with the mentioning of "sacrifice and offering." Jews can not have sacrifices or choices with out a brow; and considering that the breaking of the treaty end up in the stoppage of "compromise and providing," both will soon be interconnected. Which means that Israel will demand on international allowance to rebuild the temple on the Brow Install (where the initial two Jewish temples were built), and the five leaders who'll negotiate that treaty with Israel enables it.

Also this past year, this possibility would have appeared incredible. All things considered, many years ago when former Israeli Primary Minister Ariel Sharon simply ascended the Temple Mount, a Palestinian riot broke out. However, the climate has significantly transformed recently.

For instance, predicated on face-to-face surveys, more Palestinians in East Jerusalem choose to be people of Israel than to be people of a fresh Palestinian state. In addition, 40% said they'd probably or certainly shift to be able to stay under the Israeli government rather than live below Palestinian rule. Which means those Palestinians would prefer that Israel control East Jerusalem, rather than provide it down as President Obama proposed.

Furthermore, the target of the typical Palestinian resident is on the economy and jobs (sounds like America), not on a battle with Israel. After two intifadas (that did not work very well for the Palestinians, because they endured a lot more casualties than did Israel), following viewing Hamas get hammered by Israel after deciding on a struggle, by knowing that Palestinian leaders do not have their finest in mind, and by encountering a surging economy with Israel's support, average Palestinians, especially those living in East Jerusalem, are not ready to put up a fight as it pertains to repairing the Jewish forehead on the Brow Install, specially if it can be done without worrisome the Islamic Dome of the Rock.

Thus, it appears that the place is happening toward the fulfillment of the end-times treaty with Israel, and the Palestinians are supporting to prepare that alignment-and with it, providing us closer to the reunite of Christ. Indeed, God operates in strange approaches to satisfy His word!



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