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The Benefits of Barcode Asset Tracking Software

by Jason Elder on Apr 21, 2019 Computers and Technology 93 Views


Barcode asset tracking software can be a welcome addition to any business that has to manage inventory or assets on a daily basis. This can be a mail room, warehouse, factory or law office. Whatever business you are in, if you find yourself handling a number of assets you cannot afford to lose sight of, then the barcode asset tracking software may be the solution you are looking for.


The main benefit to barcode asset tracking software is how easy it is to generate custom labels for each asset. Each asset is given its own unique barcode once it has been captured into the system. It is only captured into the system once, from here it is scanned throughout its life cycle within the company, enabling company managers, owners and directors to keep their finger on the pulse at all times.


From here you will find your tracking is simplified. You don't have to phone various departments searching for assets, you simply log into the system using your own unique username and password to access the information with ease. Cloud technology makes it even easier, offering you the ability to log into the system from any device linked to the internet from your desktop computer to your mobile device.


Next you will find that you eliminate the risk of data entry errors with the barcode asset tracking software. This is due to each item only being captured into the system once. This reduces the need for it to be captured at every point as it moves through the company. Human error is normal and cannot be helped. When the item is only being captured once the risk is dramatically reduced.


Another of the great benefits of barcode asset tracking software is that you improve efficiency and productivity within the workplace. Quickly capturing information on each item saves valuable time. Employees logged into the system simply scan the barcode as each asset moves through their department on its way to its destination, offering real time tracking.


In addition to this, you will find that accountability will be dramatically improved. With this system, the risk of assets simply being lost or stolen, causing a dip in profits, is drastically reduced. With the barcode asset tracking software in place, thefts and losses are very difficult. This ensures accountability of all staff. This ensures that staff pay close attention to assets and where they are going, focusing on ensuring they arrive at their chosen destination quickly and effectively.


Reduce costs when you incorporate barcode asset tracking software into your current processes. The reduced risk of losses and thefts helps you save money. You will be able to measure your return on investment with ease, so you can see how the software benefits you financially in the long run.


The final benefits worth noting when it comes to the barcode asset tracking software is that it easily integrates into your existing systems and processes, it is highly effective and it is convenient. The training is minimal, it's that easy to use, so the risk of your valuable resources being tied up in lengthy training days is eliminated, they can be at work working to full productivity.


When choosing barcode asset tracking software you want to pay close attention to the software developer, ensuring you deal directly with the developer to get a full understanding of their product and how it can benefit you moving forward.


Look at a few options, review each one in detail and then compare them against each other to ensure you make the best decision that will benefit your business.


About Us: WINN Solutions is a leading tracking system software developer. The company has their own delivery software named WITS, which stands for WINN Item Tracking System. The system tracks any item at any time within a company throughout its life cycle. The software is designed to simplify organization, delivery, tracking, mail, suppliers, in-house transfers and so much more. WINN Solutions offers automatic free upgrades and helps companies boost productivity, reduce costs and identify their return on their investment. To find out more, visit

Jason Elder

Jason Elder

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WINN Solutions is the leading provider of cloud-based (SaaS) barcode tracking technology. Sophisticated in its capabilities, yet simple to operate. WITS is the solution that will improve all aspects of your receiving and tracking process. WITS tracks any tangible items movement within an organization throughout its lifecycle using barcodes and scanning devices. Entering packages into WITS is very quick. Everything is electronically scanned, so you have instant access to all your package data.



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