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7 ways to have a healthy Spine

by 733back on Nov 9, 2015 Health-and-Fitness 1505 Views

Need a chiropractor for back pain treatment? Back pain is very common these days. Being an experienced chiropractor myself I can tell that every chiropractic clinic in Barrie is overflowing with appointments for back pain treatment and demand of orthotics for back pain relief.  Though once you start suffering from chronic back pain, you have to visit a chiropractic clinic to get the right treatment. But there are a few things chiropractors suggest to avoid back pain. Avoid wearing tight belts Tight belts and highly restrictive clothing can lead to compression of the nerves leading to numbness and pain in the back and the front and the outer thighs. Wear a belt with moderate fit. Always loosen your belt while sitting. Avoid tight fit denims, trousers and skirts too. Choose your shoes carefully “You cannot jump for stars if your feet hurt” ~ Dan Brown. Now we all know that choosing the right shoes are very important for the feet but did you realize it’s equally ...

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Chiropractic Care and Orthotics for your back pain

by 733back on Nov 9, 2015 Health-and-Fitness 2629 Views

Have you ever considered visiting a chiropractor for your back pain?  If you’re unsure about how to deal with your back pain, there’s no better time than now to get some information about chiropractic care. If you’ve ever experienced back pain you know that it can truly affect all aspects of your daily life.  For some people, back pain occurs so often that rather than resolve it, they choose to accept it as normal and treat it with medication.  If you’re one of the many people that live with this condition, then a chi-ropractor is just the person you need to see. The Manga report, commissioned by the Ontario government, says that chiropractors get patients healthy and back to work faster and cheaper than any other form of healthcare.  So make this your first option rather than turning to pain killers or other forms of treatment. Each patient is unique and so Dr. Ron works considers each patient’s case individually to identify the root ...

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Deep Tissue Massage For Pain Relief

by karlennert on Mar 3, 2016 Health-and-Fitness 1406 Views

Deep tissue massage is a massage therapy technique wherein the inner muscle layers and the connective tissues are re-aligned. This sort of therapy is highly beneficial for the contracted tissue muscles around the neck, spine and shoulders. It heals stiff neck and lower back rigidity. The massage strokes that are applied by the deep tissue massage therapists are just like the traditional massage therapy. The only real difference lies in the hand movement which will be slower as the intensity of pressure is focused more on the pain stricken and tensed muscles. This specific massage therapy really helps to break and get rid of the scar tissues. It concentrates on specific areas where in actuality the slower strokes and the deep direct pressure aid in releasing the chronic muscle tension. Normally an individual suffering from chronic muscular tension and injury feels the pain emanating from adhesions which are bands of painful tight muscles and tendons. It is generally thought that ...

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Causes and Symptoms of lower back pain

by 733back on Mar 30, 2016 Health-and-Fitness 1339 Views

Lower back pain is a very common problem these days. With the busy life, low nutrition and irregular sleep we all tend to develop weak muscles that lead to backaches. The most common cause of acute lower back pain is the damage of muscles and ligaments in the lower back. While a muscle strain doesn’t sound like a serious injury, the resulting pain can be severe and is the reason of many chiropractic clinic visits each year. Commonly there are two types of lower back strains: 1. A muscle strain – It happens when the muscle is overstretched or torn, resulting in damage to the muscle fibers. People commonly refer to it as a muscle pull. 2 .A lumbar sprain – It happens when ligaments are stretched too far or torn. Ligaments are very tough, fibrous, connective tissues that connect bones together. Generally it doesn’t matter if it’s a muscle strain or a ligament sprain since the basic treatment and prognosis for both are the same. Common Causes of a Pulled Back ...

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Back and abdominal exercises – What you should know

by 733back on Mar 30, 2016 Health-and-Fitness 3405 Views

The spinal cord provides a support frame to your back. Muscles and ligaments connected to this frame give strength and stability to your spine, arms and legs. These muscles are abdominal and back muscles. They are the key components to keep your body upright and movement smooth. When these core muscles are in poor health, additional stress is applied to your spine leading to back pain and sometimes even back injury. Hence, special exercises are recommended by a chiropractor for back pain. These exercises strengthen the core muscles, making you strong and healthy. Benefits of Back and Abdominal Exercise Weak or tight muscles can lead to painful cramps. They can also cause problems in the bone structure of the spine due to poor posture. Developing strength in back and abdominal muscles has many benefits like:   Improving your posture   Reducing the chances of back pain   Reducing the severity of back pain   Protecting you against injury by responding efficiently to ...

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Summertime Tune Ups

by 733back on Sep 16, 2016 Health-and-Fitness 1203 Views

This is the time of year that we see the most injuries at our chiropractic clinic in Barrie. Most of these result from increased activities. Patients that have been cooped up all winter are ready to hit the ground running in the Spring and Summer. They go from a sedentary lifestyle to an active lifestyle overnight. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a great idea to be active and live an active and healthy life, but we can’t do it all at once. Unless you’ve kept up with some form of exercise during the Winter, trying to go full steam ahead with a fitness regimen at once can result in a serious setback. In order for our bodies to function at a higher level, they need to work up to it. That means starting with a small increase in activity and then adding to that with time. We can increase the level of activity when our body feels ready. If we do it that way then we are less likely to injure ourselves. Don’t be overzealous and try to go from 0 to 60 in just one day. ...

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Buy Flibanserin Online and Treat Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder Effectively

by Nicholas Walker on Dec 12, 2016 Health-and-Fitness 3558 Views

Many women today suffer from low sex drive or essentially HSDD. It can be anything from hormonal imbalance to stress that may be responsible for it. There are in fact many factors that contribute to low sex drive and improper sexual arousal. A few of them includes hypertension, diabetes, low blood circulation and less physical activity. However, medical science has proven its merit and found quite effective medications to treat the conditions of low libido and sexual dysfunction. Now, there are several treatments available which help you to treat sexual dysfunction and enhance your libido or sexual desire. You can buy flibanserin online, the best drug to prevent Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder in females. This drug is marketed as “Addyi” and has been manufactured to solve the interpersonal difficulty and marked distress that results in low sexual desire in women. Bio-chemically speaking, Flibanserin is dopamine D4 receptor partial agonist and 5-HT serotonin receptor ...

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Remove Blackheads and Acne with an Effective Mud Mask

by Flip Jupiter on Feb 9, 2017 Health-and-Fitness 967 Views

Usually for women, it is unbearable to see any kind of marks, lines or inflammation on the skin. If you are also a woman, then you might also have tried various home remedies and beauty products to make your skin smooth and glowing. But, pimples and blackheads are some of the common skin problems that can appear at anytime. Blackheads generally appear over your nose and are easy to spot because of their dark color and are difficult to remove by ordinary cleansers and require special pore cleanser to effectively remove the unsightly blackheads. Although, you may have cheeks as soft as an ice-cream and a broad forehead with big eyes and sharp eyebrows but that short bumps present on your nose in large number, makes your face look dirty and dull. So, what is it really that cause blackheads? Some of the factors that cause acne and black-heads to develop are:   Oily skin: Oily skin is one of the major reasons behind acne and blackheads. If your body produces too much of oil then this ...

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Get Rid of Facial Blackheads by Applying Amazing Blackhead Removal Mask

by Flip Jupiter on Feb 10, 2017 Health-and-Fitness 2496 Views

Everyone deserves to get compliments for their skin and beauty. But it is only possible when you do proper skin care and are conscious about various skin disorders. Most of the people get worried about pimples, acne and blackheads. Blackheads are basically a form of acne which can appear on forehead, chin, nose or anywhere on the face. They are caused by the oil and dirt which clogs on the opening of the pores. Most of the people use an improper approach which can lead to more undesirable effects on the skin such as infections and severe acne and pimple breakout. As you know that the facial skin is very sensitive and delicate, so make sure to use proper skin care regime and good quality pore cleaner only. There are multiple reasons which are responsible for blackheads such as if you use a lot of cosmetics then they can cover or block the pores. Another common reason is overproduction of oil from the sebaceous glands which produce the sebum to keep your skin soft. Some are the ...

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Buy Effective Generic Medication from Reliable Online Store

by Nicholas Walker on Feb 11, 2017 Health-and-Fitness 1113 Views

With the increasing trend of online shopping, purchasing medicines online is also getting popular across the globe. Although, you need to take medications according to the prescription of your doctor, but still there are doctors who recommend online sourcing of certain prescribed medicines that are even not available in physical stores. When you live away from your family and get sick, it is difficult to take a trip to a drug store. That is when you can visit an online store, where you can buy health-related products and drugs, at reasonable prices. Most of the physical stores have license and legal authority that makes you confident regarding the genuineness of medicines. However, here are some advantages of buying drugs from online pharmacy that you must consider as well-   You can browse for medicines as per your prescription and get free delivery.   The online pharmacy meet the needs of their customers by providing quality assured drugs.   Sourcing medicines online ...

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