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Hair Loss Products For Women

by amplixin on Mar 21, 2019 Health-and-Fitness 52 Views

The Facts Behind Men’s Hair Loss

Roughly 60% of men have undergone the balding process by the time the reach the age of 60, and half of those men will begin to see symptoms by age 35… making it a likelihood you’ll experience hair loss during your lifetime. But with every man at risk of losing his hair, the fear of balding can feel like a near certainty!

There's a lot of misconception swarming the hair loss industry, so we're setting the record straight.

With some men losing their hair more quickly than others, it’s important to understand the science behind hair loss. When you begin the process of male pattern balding, your hair’s follicle shrivels up and is rendered incapable of regrowth. While not completely permanent in all cases, it’s different than hair loss associated with stress, which can bounce back quickly.


During this cycle, your hair can thin and lose its overall density… But fear not, this process can be slowed down or delayed!

What Triggers Hair Loss?

We can thank DHT for our hair loss products for women, a hormone testosterone that eliminates hair by slowly destroying clusters of hair follicles. DHT causes the hair follicles to miniaturize over many years.


Male pattern baldness can be triggered by faulty hair-making progenitor cells in the scalp. For men who are experiencing this progressive thinning, or even a receding hairline, scientists believe they were born with an insufficient number of these progenitor cells, OR, their cells are unable to complete their normal development and mature to a fully-functioning state.


These progenitor cells can be disrupted even further by aspects like illness, age, genetics, and even grooming.

How Do Your Follicles Work?

Each one of your follicles produces hair for 2 to 6 years, then it enters a rest period. This phase lasts for several months, during which your hair will fall. Don’t stress, you likely won’t realize any single follicle has entered this phase! With ~100,000 follicles on your scalp, each follicle rests at a different time and others produce hairs, making each phase unnoticeable.


For those recognizing a noticeable hair loss, it’s likely that there’s been a disruption to the growth and shedding cycle, or your hair follicle has died and been replaced with scar tissue. In the case of damaged follicles, the cell has closed, disappeared, or was scarred, making it unable to generate a new hair.


This means your hair recovery depends on whether or not your follicle is still intact. For those that are, it’s possible to regrow the hair by improving their health.

Is Hair Loss Genetic?

We’ve heard the myth all too many times, so many believe that hair loss is passed down from your mother's side. Before you call your relatives, read this!  The primary baldness gene is indeed determined by your X chromosome, which is passed down to us from our mothers, but a number of other factors determine how dominant this gene is. Research has also suggested that men who have a bald father are more likely to develop male pattern baldness than those who don't.

Does Scalp Massage Help?

In short, yes. Massaging your scalp helps lower hair loss-inducing stress levels, but it boosts blood flow to your hair follicles. When paired with a stimulating scalp mask, it can make a big difference when it comes to improve your hair growth health.


Here’s everything you need to know about the power of scalp massage.



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