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Ideas for Fun Learning Activities for Kids

by KidZania Mumbai on Feb 15, 2019 Kids and Teens 90 Views

Teaching kids the play-way has always been effective. Kids love to play and structured learning has not the thing for them. Creating creative learning activities for kids is the best way to make them learn. Learning activities for kids engage them meaningfully and they also learn in the process. The best part of learning activities for kids is that this is concealed learning. Kids will not find these boring. This will make your task easier as you will get full attention from the kids during these activities.


Here are some fun learning activities for kids:


  • Activities with cards: Card sorting is one of the best learning activities for kids. You can do so much with cards. You can use cards for identification type learning activities for kids. You can also drive simple concepts like sorting and matching with cards. It is also useful in building memory in kids. You can simply put all the cards in a deck. Then, turn them over and ask kids to find matching pieces using their memory.


  • Craft Activities: We cannot talk about fun learning activities for kids without mentioning craft activities. When you engage kids in art and craft, you develop their fine motor skills as well. Craft learning activities for kids include cutting, pasting and painting. You can use different objects for painting like cotton balls, thread, wool, colourful ice popsicle and much more. Think of the kind of learning activities for kids that your child would enjoy. Then, create a craft around it.


  • Role Playing Activities: Role playing activities can be the perfect learning activity for kids. When children engage in role play, it stimulates their creativity and cognition both. Role-playing can help build communication skills among children. This also helps kids to think and act fast. Role plays make children more confident about facing real-life situations. You can either create simple role plays at home or take your children to a role play theme park like Kidzania.


  • Letters and Numbers Activities: Teaching pre-school kids letters and numbers can be made fun. As learning activities for kids to bring about an understanding of this concept, you can create a velcro board and do a pasting activity. Magnetic letters and numbers and puzzle boards are also enjoyable ways of learning. You can also create an activity by writing letters and numbers on the floor and allowing children to jump from one letter/number to the other.


  • Treasure Hunt: Treasure hunt is the oldest among all learning activities for kids. You can drive learning of concepts through a treasure hunt. For e.g., if you want to teach spellings to kids, you can write one letter on each of the treasure hunt chits and ask your kid to put these together at the end of the hunt.


Creating learning activities for fun is the mantra that most of the schools also follow these days. If you do this at home also for your kids, their learning curve will become even better. These are simply but definitely effective. Try them out!


KidZania Mumbai

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